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Orkney Invocation

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Orkney Arguments

Orkney can be invoked using the following arguments

show help and usage information.
-i <input resource dir>
--input <input resource dir>
use input resource directory (instead of work/resource).
-l <report dir> --log <report dir> use log report directory for plain text and xml logs (instead of work/report).
-p <text report dir> --plain <text report dir> use plain text report directory (instead of work/report/log).
-t <test dir> --test <test dir> use test group / case directory (instead of work/tests).
-v --verbose show progress during execution.
-w <work directory> --work <work directory> use given working directory (instead of work).
-x <xml report dir> --xml <xml report dir> use xml report directory (instead of work/report/xml).

The simpliest invocation uses the working directory option "-w" to start Orkney. In this case the following directories are supposed to exist below this working directory:
Orkney will create the following directories on test execution:
For every Orkney input and output directory an own option exists to overwrite the default location and use a specific location instead. Have a look to the options table above to understand each of them.

Orkney Exit Values

The program will exit using the following values
    0: all tests successful
    1: parsing errors
    2: help screen
    3: at least one test failed

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